Installing your MEDIAplus .NET plugins

This document explains how to install (or reinstall) MEDIAplus .NET plugins for all users of the computer (i.e. in the system’s Program Files folder).

Uninstalling MEDIAplus any existing MEDIAplus plugins

Uninstall any existing MEDIAplus plugins via the Control Panel – Programs and Features.

Downloading and installing MEDIAplus .NET plugins

Open the article below and download MEDIAplus General .NET plugin followed by the plugin for the Microsoft Office version and language required (See also Note a) below):

Downloading my MEDIAplus .NET plugins

You must install these plugins one after the other starting with the General plugin.

This is how you must install each of these plugins:

Open the folder in which you downloaded your plugins.

Open the Start - Run dialog box, delete any text that may appear in the Open text box and make sure that the folder in which you downloaded your plugins appears in the background:

  • Drag the plugin from your folder into the Open text box of the Run dialog box (thus indicating the path of your plugin)
  • Position the cursor at the end of this text that now appears in the Open text box then type a <Space> followed by –qb (or –qn should you prefer a totally silent install).
  • Click the OK button and follow any instructions that may appear or wait for the installation to complete (see Note b) below).

Install the other MEDIAplus plugins from your folder by following the same steps.


a) If the user must follow a MEDIAplus training programme on Windows 7 IE you must follow the same procedure with the Windows 7 IE plugin.

b) According to your system configuration you may encounter the Error 1925.

Error 1925

You can solve this problem as follows:

Coming back to your Run dialog box, select the complete command line in the Open text box then copy it (by Ctrl-C for example):

Create a .bat file then paste your command line in this file:

Save and close this file then right-click it and choose the Run as administrator command from the contextual menu that appears: